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Holly's chick chick 🐥 rub


1. Rinse the chicken 3lb fryer or roaster. RUB inside and outside of chicken with salt. Make sure you pat the chicken dry. Rub the chicken with a vat of butter. Make sure you put it all over! Put rotisserie 1 hour at 300. After 20 minutes turn to high then back to medium 300.

2. Cut the Carrots into quarter sizes. Toss them with olive oil, Salt, Pepper and plent of Oregano. PLENTY!!!! For the Califour, use olive oil and plenty of pepper some salt. Make sure you toss.

3. After 1/2 hour, put carrots under chicken, cauliflower should cook off to the side.

4. Eat after an hour passes. Everything will finish cooking after an hour.