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Holly's Pizza


1. Mix yeast into 1 cup warm water. Mix flour, oil and salt in bowl, pour in water and mix.

2. With both hands, scrunch it up and mix it, then with your fists, knead and fold 30 times.

3. Put a towel over the bowl and place in warm area to rise. In 2 hours, you have pizza dough!

4. NOTE: dough should soften, but not too soft or sticky, so more or less water or flour is OK.

5. Heat your pizza stone in oven to 550 degrees.

6. Chop up garlic and tomatoes. Cut cherry tomatoes in half, or slice whole tomatoes to 1/4 inch.

7. Put some flour on your counter. Take your dough ball and a rolling pin and roll it out to a circle. Turn it over and roll out again, do it again until it keeps its size.

8. Put dough on your pizza screen, or if you have a paddle, put cornmeal on first then dough.

9. Transfer dough to oven; leave it on the pizza screen unless you have a paddle.

10. When it gets a little brown, take it out, Mix garlic with olive oil and brush on dough.

11. Put your cheese and tomatoes and topping on. Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes too.

Mangia bene!